Social Media For A New Age Club

Practicing spiritual social media & digital wellbeing together.

Social Media For A New Age Club

Practicing spiritual social media & digital wellbeing together...

Social Media For A New Age is a heart-led, soulfully-aligned and ethical approach to social media. 

Focussed on exploring your relationship to social media – we navigate and heal feelings of overwhelm that come from needing to show up and share online; for your business, creative projects, mission or calling.

As a spiritual practitioner, business owner or coach, you know the importance of looking after yourself so that you’re able to better serve your clients – this goes for your digital wellbeing too.

If you’ve been spending a lot of time online, like most of us these days, chances are you are suffering from digital overwhelm, information overload and some screen fatigue. This is all having an impact on our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. 

Social Media For A New Age is about building relationships over likes, a soulful antidote to the ego-based, AI/algorithms, programmed to capture our attention, time, dollars and data - through surveillance capitalism and old paradigm patriarchy.

I'm Katie Brockhurst, aka Kdot, your Social Media Angel and guide...

Sent to help navigate cyber-space, in a more human(e), spiritual and service-based way, that feels good for you & your nervous system...

I am a social media consultant with twenty years experience, recently trained as a digital wellbeing coach (Consciously Digital /ICF/Dip), to answer growing concerns about my own mental health and wellbeing, as well as that of my clients and friends. Over the last ten years I have supported a lot of well known Hay House authors, alongside experts and practitioners in spirituality and wellbeing, to manage and grow their social media platforms. 

Supporting the consciously-digital, humane-tech movement, is really important to me, as is helping my community and clients heal our relationship with social media. I want us to use it as the amazing tool that it is, rather than be used by it. 

I believe that together, we can create a better balance. 

Traversing and balancing digital, spiritual and embodied spaces is no simple feat. In the Social Media For A New Age Club, we learn about and use cutting-edge neuroscience alongside practical, creative and spiritual tools. We practice having a soulfully-aligned online business and good digital health.

Some nice things said about Social Media For A New Age (and me)...

Katie gives such a powerful overview of what’s an ultra-fast-moving landscape, as well as ideas about how to navigate this shape-shifting online world and look after ourselves at the same time.

~ Nicola Humber, Founder of The Unbound Press and Author

Katie Brockhurst lovingly supports the co-creation of authentic online conversations, keeping you pointed towards your north as you navigate the ever-evolving world of social media, human led algorithms and changes in content consciousness. She adds to the conversation, recognising the research and knowledge which served us previously, moving towards the waves of fresh development in a very real online world.

~ Rev. Gail Love-Schock, InterFaith Minister, Teacher and Consciousness Hacker.

It is so important that within the noise and bs of social media that we have the authentic voice of Katie Brockhurst to guide and advise us.

~ Lynne Franks OBE,  Founder of SEED Women's Empowerment Movement

You can listen to me monthly, on Wellbeing Radio with the Social Media For A New Age show, as well as catch up on the Digital Wellbeing series, here...

Or read The Social Media For A New Age News every month in Untamed Soul Magazine...

Read or listen to the Social Media For A New Age books... or find out more about Katie and how to work with her one to one at

Love, light aaaand action... (a poem)

As I struggle to be at peace with Facebook, because I cannot shake the feeling that Zuck is a crook... It’s been more difficult for me to see the positive side, I forget how amazing it is we can communicate world wide. 

The internet, our cyber space, where we can connect heart to heart, with love and grace. It is up to us to be the change we want to see on this planet, one by one, together, letting the unfoldment be organic. 

Using technology to support us naturally, not letting it become a global tragedy. We need to invest in our digital wellbeing, reduce distractions, the addictions and all the fake that we’re seeing. Booming the web up with our loving energetic light, using it consciously, a place where we treat each other right. 

Creating Social Media For A New Age, where we are not prisoners of Facebooks gilded cage. Instead we are the leaders, sacred and true, with social media a tool, that connects me and you...

Approaching social media in a healthy, human-centric and spiritual way...

Become part of my like-hearted, spiritual comm:unity and join us as we move into a new age of quantum connection over tech addiction.

What you receive each month...

  • A 60-90 minute zoom call
  • A guided audio meditation / visualisation journey
  • A PDF playbook with coaching prompts and info /inspo
  • Latest research / musings / poems /writings/ card readings 
  • Bonus special guest sessions from the community and friends.

Hello from Kdot...

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